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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time Flies

Well it seems like only yesterday that I was writing my last blog on here about jury duty, but that was almost a month ago! My how time flies. I guess that's good that I'm keeping busy.

I've only been doing a little musical playing, most notably the Runaway State Productions Preview Show, which was an open house kind of event including performances of excerpts from last seasons and next season's shows. It was really quite a good show; I did last year's, which was a smaller scale, but this one had a 22 piece orchestra. Next season should be pretty incredible at RSP.

But will I be there?

It's a bit early to know what I will be doing in 2010 musical wise...I'm hoping they decide to put live music in Suds at the Cosmopolitan in January, so maybe I can play bass there. But no word on that.

Here's what I am doing though - last Friday night I was brought on to be musical director for Meet Me In St. Louis with RSP. It was kind of unexpected; for whatever reason their regulars and others who they asked could not do it. I was a bit leery about taking on such a huge role; after all I have never actually directed a musical before. But it should be a great experience, and I'm sure it will go fine.

Time to start doing some serious score study...