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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Trip Around the Sun

Here I am on the eve of my birthday, the eve of Cesar Chavez Day as well. It was nice of the state of California to grant a holiday on my birthday. What better present than to get an extra day off, or in the case of this year, a three day weekend. And tomorrow's my birthday.

This has been my 44th trip around the sun on this pale blue dot of ours. 44. It's just a number of course, and the numbers themselves have had little meaning but to denote the slow progress of time. But my how time has passed.

Some days it seems like only yesterday since I was a young, introverted, and socially awkward teenager starting off at college and into a brand new chapter of life. And some days it's amazing how many chapters have come and gone. Today's college students, the people I see and work with everyday, weren't even born yet when I first stepped foot at Sac State. Think about that.

Today was a busy day with a Golden Empire festival at school and Connor's final basketball game of the winter season. He made 4 baskets, including one as time expired at the end of the game. He's really come a long way. But I'm tired now from the long day today coupled with the long day yesterday with three concerts and festival setup. And yesterday started at 2:30am when Connor suddenly got sick and threw up all over his bed. And the wall. And the floor. And then he was fine and slipped back into peaceful slumber as I was left to clean the mess. The perks of extreme youth.

Up at 2:30am. Work till 8:30pm. Up at 5:30am. Work till 6:00pm. Oh well. Time is just numbers. Just another day, another weekend, another week, another month.

Another year.

Time is a friend to no one, really. It doesn't care who you are. It marches on and on, like a robotic army, ever nearer to and yet so distant from its final destination. Or at least we hope it's still far away from it's final destination. So what have I accomplished in this latest romp around the solar system? I have to pause and think about that. I don't really know. Just floating along and observing the ride I suppose. And on it goes.

Here's to starting another trip around the sun.