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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Springtime Already?

Well, here we are in the first weekend of March already. The sun is shining high and bright in the sky, and we're expecting mid-70s tomorrow. Just a couple of days ago it was raining with intermittent bursts of downpours. As I walked across campus early Friday morning, after the rains had passed, the world seemed refreshed and cleansed. It was like stepping back in time to when things were newer, simpler. Of course that's just a mirage created the rains having washed the tiredness and staleness away, but still it was refreshing.

This weekend should be a fairly nice one, and indeed it the last few have been fairly nice as well. I actually have my first rehearsal this morning for the musical South Pacific, which opens in Woodland at the end of next week. Which, of course, means that next week is tech week. So my early evenings and fairly leisurely lifestyle will be temporarily suspended as the busy-ness of life returns. But still, it will be nice to play in a show again after quite a bit of time.

For now, or at least after rehearsal, I intend to relax to enjoy the weekend. We'll probably do a bike ride on the trails around here this afternoon, and perhaps go to the gym later for a swim. Sunday should be an even more relaxing day at home, though since it will be my last freedom for a week, I'll probably need to spend it working on my symphony.

Speaking of which, my final grad project is coming along nicely. The first two movements are essentially done and are only being subjected to minor tweaking at this point. The third movement is well under way and should be nearing completion in the next couple of weeks. If all goes well, of course. Then it only remains to write out the last movement, which I've already decided to base in part on a string orchestra piece I had begun years ago but never finished or had performed. So, things are looking good, though the clock is ticking. The project has to be completed and ready to be bound by the first of May. And that includes the written thesis part of it. Plenty still to do!

But for now, time to enjoy the early spring...