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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mid-Summer Report

Well here it is nearing the end of July already; funny how the summer just seems to fly by. We've already had a three-day camping trip to Trinity Lake and a week-long cruise from Seattle to Alaska and back. Today we leave to Reno for a couple of nights to visit with family.

I have finally gotten the weight of my Masters project off my back; I was supposed to have finished it by the beginning of May initially. I've been writing for the last several weeks and have finally produced a finished copy. It is now being reviewed by the Department Chair. Well, really it's probably sitting on his desk biding its time until it seems as if enough time has passed. Does anyone even read those things?? I've had Matt Spiva's project checked out from the library as I was using it as a model example. It's probably the first time anyone had ever checked it out. How nice for it to spread it's wings and get away from the damp dark recesses of the library basement.

But I digress.

With my project essentially finished, I began focusing on the fall Marching Band show. Should be an exciting year! We've thrown out the model of the past couple of years of having 3, set pieces which were a minute and a half each and were designed to stand alone. This year's show is more of an integrated whole, with a mixture of music from classical to old rock/heavy metal to band literature. And it's all mixed together, sort of like a mashup a la Glee. Can't wait to put it in front of the band, although it is a bit more challenging than in previous years. Scary! I'm sure it will be fine, in the end.

In the mean time, we've managed to get out of the house a bit for some bike rides around town and a trip to see The Little Mermaid at Music Circus. And of course I could babble on and on about these things, but I find that I have to pack and get ready to drive over the mountains to Nevada. I spent the morning today re-vamping the Runaway Stage Productions website. Has a modified look which just streamlines things a bit more and make it look a little more professional. Still have some more pages to update though...will the work never end??

There's always lots to do, no matter how much we try to pretend that we're just spending our lazy summers afternoons vegetating in front of the TV.