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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So last week was a historic one for the CSU. For the first time ever - layoffs were announced. Granted, on the staff side of things, it's not as bad as it could of been. Their plan for 12% reduction calls for only 8 staff members campus wide to be layed off. Beyond that, many positions which have been vacated - really all of the positions that have been vacated - will not be rehired. This will amount to a staffing reduction of over 90 at our campus.

Guess the rest of us will just have to work a little harder...

I'm not sure, but I think by this point those special 8 individuals have been notified. At least, we are seeing anti-establishment graffiti right now on campus. Reminds me a little of the Hate Week portrayed in the novel 1984 (my current 'leisurely' summer reading...)

The card readers to the faculty/staff garage entrance were spray painted over, rendering them virtually useless (good thing I took the bus in today...). And, graffiti appeared both on the garage wall ("I was raped by Sac State!") and on the back of a state pickup truck, something "my life and job" sucking. I didn't get a real good look. Nor did I stick around to see what else there likely was.

In the words of Vonnegut...and so it goes.

Today I am leaving work early to go to the doctor's office - my first visit in over a decade if you don't count to one to get new prescription glasses a few years back. I sprained something in my knee fairly badly on Saturday evening, and now, although I can walk just fine, I can't bend my leg well enough to sit down without experiencing sharp pain. Nor can I get in and out of a car very well. Or put on my own shoes and socks.

And so it goes.