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Friday, January 24, 2014

12 Weeks!

Well it's hard to believe that Connor passed his 12 week milestone last night. It's been a whirlwind of time, and it seems like only yesterday we were leaving the hospital with him. I have to look at his first pictures to realize just how much he's grown in that time. You don't notice these things so much on a day to day basis, but comparing photos from last Halloween certainly paints a picture! He's now pushing at 13 pounds and seems quite tall when he's standing up (with a little help of course…he's not THAT advanced!)

So my days are spent at work now while Connor stays with his various grandparents. Nights are spend trying to squeeze in a few hours of sleep here or there until he wakes up demanding milk or attention. Or both. Of course sometimes he's just annoyed that he has gas. And boy does he have a lot of that!

He's not quite crawling yet, but he does seem to enjoy "tummy time" more, and he holds his head up high, and you can tell that he's certainly trying to struggle and move himself. He'll get there, but in the meantime he has to rely on us to schlep him around.

Meanwhile, today is the last day of break before school starts on Monday. Over the winter break I was able to re-input the score of my transcription to Shostakovitch's 2nd piano concerto. I'd had written it many years ago for a friend to play with a local professional wind ensemble, and now another group wishes to use it in performance. Thankfully I had enough time to input everything and create new parts, as it allowed me to correct several mistakes from the original, as well as to add in rehearsal numbers and a few limited cures to help the players in rehearsal. The performance should be in May, so I look forward to hearing it again!

Connor's first Christmas was fun, albeit rather low-key. We did the normal Christmas morning at my parents house and Christmas afternoon and dinner and Whitney's mom's house, followed by the annual post-Christmas trek to Reno to see Whitney's dad. Fortunately there was no snow on the road. Or rather unfortunately for California, as we're currently in a record breaking drought which promises a bleak year here if things don't turn around. But last year it was snowing so bad that we barely made it through the Sierra Nevada. What a difference a year makes!

So now it's on to work for the day, and the last chance to prepare for the spring semester at Sac State. Eh, I think I'm ready. For summer vacation that is!