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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Break 2017

Well he we are at Spring Break 2017. Well spring break for Sac State anyway; most people have it next week or the week after. I'm at work...of course. I usually don't do a lot for spring break anyway; I'm not what you would refer to as a 'party' person, which is what the stereotypical spring breakers tend to be. But all is not bad. The campus is actually quite nice when no one is around. A bit cold today, but the foggy mist over the tips of the redwoods brings back fond memories of camping in places such as Big Basin. Really quite nice. And quiet.

I actually did get away for a little bit of the break, albeit by myself. From Sunday to Tuesday I was in San Francisco, staying near the far corner edge of Golden Gate Park near the ocean. It was nice out there, and I got to spend some time exploring Land's End on foot on Sunday and Golden Gate Park on bike on Monday. I was also close to the light rail that conveniently goes straight through Market Street all the way to the embarcadero, so I got the chance to wander around the piers and walk back up through the Union Square area. Didn't really have an agenda, just spent time wandering and watching, and enjoying some free time. On Tuesday before heading home, I drove to the marina area and biked between Golden Gate and Ghirardelli Square, then walked some more along the piers while enjoying a Nob Hill Chill and a grilled cheese and soup from Boudin. So I guess I hit all the big spots. Unfortunately Monday was my full day there, and Monday is the slowest day anywhere. No comedy clubs or cabarets or musical shows are running on Mondays. I guess I should have taken the light rail downtown Sunday evening and tried to score tickets to the 7pm Hamilton showing. Oh well, maybe next time.

But now my spring break adventure is over. I came back to work yesterday and spend the whole morning cleaning up and putting away stuff from the music festival that took place while I was gone. And the now the piano sale folks are moving in. So things move on. April will be a busy month. 35 concerts in 30 days. Typical. Guess I better get busy and start scheduling staff and mentally preparing for finishing out one more busy semester.

Oh, I guess I should post some music news; I've done a couple of arrangements for Mandarins Entertainment recently. One was already performed at a Kings game during a timeout, and the other will be used at next Monday's game. Maybe I'll go out to that one. I revisited my arrangement of Gonna Fly Now that I did for the marching band a few years ago, so it should be fun.

Now, moving on back to work.