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Thursday, May 31, 2012

June Eve

Well, here we are on the eve of June; another spring semester at school has come and gone. I'm about ready to hop an Amtrak train to Seattle, but in my last hour of waiting I thought it was time I put in another post. Once again the semester has flown by; I had brief spurts of productivity this semester as I worked to finish my final grad project. But although the symphony itself is complete, I still have the paper to finish. As such I delayed my graduation till the summer.

It does seem odd even to have a summer graduation; I'm not aware that there's even a ceremony as such for it. I think it was likely created as an excuse for grad student to have an acceptable way to turn in their projects late, while not having to wait for the next semester. And of course they charge you another diploma fee of $28 for the right to change your graduation date. But, hey, I didn't finish on time so it's a price I have to pay. I decided early on this semester that I didn't want to rush my project; I wanted to be happy with it and let it finish out naturally. And in the end, I am happy with the finished product. Assuming we still have enough players to form an orchestra in the fall at Sac State, the piece should get premiered.

Today was a pretty productive day, as I had the day off from work to prepare for our trip. Lots of laundry was done, $92 worth of rolled change was turned in to the bank for some spending cash, I helped an old guy finish changing his flat tire in the hot sun, went swimming, had dinner at Johnny Carino's, gave some leftover salad to a man begging for change in the street, finished packing, and am now just awaiting our ride to the station. So all in all, a good day was had.

Now on to further adventure...