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Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Tweeted

So, I took the plunge a couple of days ago and signed up for Twitter, after observing in the last year all these random hash-tag this and hash-tag that posts and advertisements that keep popping up. I figured, heck, I'll see what all the hoopla is about.

Frankly, I don't get it.

It seems Twitter is just a dumbed down version of Facebook, lacking in all of the primary features that make a social media site customizable and personal. I don't understand why I can follow a person or thing, yet I can't control what I see from them. Maybe I don't want to see the posts of others that they saw fit to share with the world. Re-tweets, I guess they're called. But why can't I at least delete things from my feed that I don't care to see?? That would seem to me to be a basic functionality that's lacking.

Now, to be fair, I had somewhat of an auspicious start on Twitter. I signed up initially on my iPhone, and apparently they were having difficulties that day, for anyone whom I chose to follow simply did not show up in my feed at all. I could go to their Twitter page and see their posts however, but this just made the experience more cumbersome. That is apparently fixed now.

To add to that, right after I made my historic first Tweet - some dumb nonsense about the weather - I immediately got a reply from someone I don't know who swore that this was my lucky day and that I could certainly be entitled to a free gift card with participation. Fortunately I figured out how to block that person, but their post still shows on my phone under the "@Connect" tab - and there's no way to delete it. Oddly, it doesn't show up there when I log on via an actual computer. So I'm left to wonder, is this just some sort of glitch?

Well, in any case these things did not leave a good first impression. And first impressions, as we all know, are of tantamount importance.

So, for the time being, I'm still on Twitter, and I'll tweet abut random nonsense from time to time. Though I'll still be wondering why I bother, because for the moment this fad seems completely inferior to Facebook. And rather pointless. Maybe I'm missing something. Or maybe I'm just predisposed to hating new things.

Well, I do fear change...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year Flying By

Well, it seems like we just finished tearing down our smattering of Christmas decor, and suddenly we've not only turned over a new year but we find ourselves halfway through January. Where does all this time go?

I'd like to say that I've been productive this winter, and certainly in some respects I have been, but mostly it's been a laid back restful break.

Well, technically, the break is already over. I actually started back to work on January 3. But since the students don't start until January 28, it's been slow around here and I've been only working partial days. That has left time to go visit the gym that we religiously pay for each month and often ignore, and to relax at home and slowly sit through Season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation on BluRay.

So, it's been a nice break, and I'm halfway through the run of 9 to 5: The Musical at the 24th Street Theatre. It's been some time since I conducted anything, but it's been nice to get back into the swing of things.

At work, things are even slower at the moment as our email system went out around 8:30 yesterday morning, and remains out of commission still. I know there's emails slowly piling up, as yesterday as I was able to briefly glimpse a list of them sitting on the server, but I could not access them and now I cannot even see that they're sitting there. Heck I can't even log on to the server at all.

Such are things at Sac State.

As it turns out, I'll be playing bass again, for one week at least, of shows for Avenue Q. It's been awhile since I've played anything as well, so we'll see how much like riding a bike it is. But that's not till March, so I still have some time to reflect on that. And maybe work my wrist up a little; I never did regain full movement of my left wrist after playing Rent several years ago.

But, as they, time marches on. The New Year was fairly uneventful; I actually had a rehearsal till 8pm anyway, so we just stayed at home and ate pizza and watched a movie. It had been cold, and is even colder now, so going to any outside fireworks shows was a bit out of the question anyway. And as it turns out, due to a shooting in Old Town, the midnight fireworks there were cancelled anyway.

What will 2013 hold? Well, hopefully my symphony written as my graduate project will be performed in May, we plan to spend a few days exploring Yosemite over spring break, and if the airfare comes down, a trip to England may happen this summer. Other than that, the year will be played by ear, and we'll see what happens.

So far, so good.