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Monday, May 5, 2014

May the 5th

Yesterday was May 4, a quasi-religious functional "holiday" celebrated by geeks around the world as Star Wars day. Nothing wrong with a little fun I suppose, though every time I read "May the 4th be with you" on Facebook, my gut reaction was to respond with "And also with you". Amen. I didn't do it however; every once in awhile I'm actually able to curtail my smart aleck persona. But it reminds me of a church service! I guess everyone takes what they will from things they hear and see.

Anyway, it's May now and Connor has passed the 6 month mark. He's still an unusually happy baby (for the most part), and we've been able to successfully take him to a multitude of restaurants and even a couple of River Cats games already this year. And yesterday he went to Cal Fit for the first time, and had his first time in a day care setting as well as getting spend some time in a pool for the first time. He really enjoyed it! It's a good thing he doesn't mind being with strangers or being away from his parents...

This is the busiest time of the season for me; I performed my annual concert countdown and discovered that the first 16 days of May hold 29 concerts (and two festivals). We've already downed a festival and 8 of those concerts. so it's winding down! I spent a bit of time at school this weekend, which always makes the weekends fly by. Can't believe it's another Monday already!

This summer will be Connor's first, and our summer vacations the first chance we've had to really spend time doing things with him since our maternity and paternity leaves expired. Not sure what all we'll do; perhaps go camping or maybe even take a cruise to Alaska (if the fares come down…). Not that I'll be idle and bored with nothing to do this summer - I'm conducting for the musical The Producers at Runaway Stage from May 30-June 22, and I have a whole load of composing and arranging I've committed to. So it has the makings for being an intensely busy summer, despite my secret inner resolution to take a break from it all and vegetate for awhile.

Well, what see what comes of it all. Two more weeks till finals!