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Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year

What? We're already two weeks into the new year?? It's amazing how time seems to fly by. I've spent most of this year so far doing, well, not much. Sporadic bits of work here and there as I try and whittle down my accrued overtime in order to appease the dean. In addition to the 1000 plus hours I have of accrued vacation and sick time, I have about 75 hours of CTO overtime which somehow needs to be taken off in the next 40 hour work week.

So, here I am sitting at home on a Thursday when I'd normally be at work. At least I'll have time to have a decent breakfast as I didn't have to rush out the door at 6:42am to catch a bus. Of course I could drive to work, but I like to think I'm being both economical and environmentally conscious.

Anyway, the New Year was fun. We almost did nothing, as we had made no plans. Fortunately Whitney's best friend Melissa bailed us out, as she had reserve a few extra spots at the Rocklin Bowl for their New Year's celebration. So we went bowling on New Year's, and did our champagne toast among throwing strikes and spares.

Well, admittedly, there weren't that many strikes or spares happening. It had been, after all, many years since I had bowled. But I'm starting to get back into it now; we've taken to going to the late night specials at Country Club Lanes, where it's $10-12 for all you can bowl after 11:30pm. So tonight, we may do that again, since tomorrow is a furlough day for me, and I'm just now starting my five day weekend (it's Martin Luther King Day on Monday...)

Hopefully my scores will improve...