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Friday, August 7, 2009

Furlough? What Furlough?

So today is the first furlough day at Sacramento State. Except I'm still here. It seems I'm always here. I should just move in a cot and sleep here; it would certainly save on rent, and since I have access to bathrooms and my own refrigerator and microwave, it could probably work.

Anyway, since we have Suzuki piano slated on the schedule for today, I'm still at work today, in this ghost town of a campus. So far I've gone around and checked to make sure things are locked up, and turned off lights which were just wasting electricity.

I'll probably spend most of today getting things ready for the start of school; making sure there's enough forms copied and Fee Cards ready, and signs for locker checkouts, and things like that. And at some point I'll go across campus to see if anything service-wise, such as the Union eateries, are running. Apparently the bookstore is slated to be open. And as there are summer classes meeting today in various parts of campus, it's not going to be completely devoid of life out there.

And come next weekend, I'll take a four day weekend holiday, to make up for missing out on today's historic furlough. Perhaps that will be a good time to do a Lord of the Rings movie marathon.

And on it goes.

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