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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back to High School

So, these days, and at my age, it is pretty rare to find myself on a high school campus. But this week I have been, as I'm currently playing for The Wedding Singer at Oakmont High School in Roseville (and it opens tonight!).

It's been an interesting experience, to be sure. On one level, it's been a chance for me to work up my chops on electric bass, which I've not had many occasions to play on in the last decade. Which is good. On another level, it's been a little surreal being in a high school environment. It certainly isn't something I do on a regular basis, playing at high schools.

It all came about as a friend of mine from my Sac State undergrad days happened to be hired on as the musical director there. And for whatever reason, they elected to hire out most of the musicians rather than use the school's kids. Can't say I blame them really, the book is a pretty tough heavy rock show. I don't think I could have played this part when I was in high school. Heck, I can barely play some of it now!

But anyways, the tech week, such as it was, concluded last night with our very first full run through. It cam in at about 2.5 hours. I guess that should be so bad. It took 3 hours to get through one act two nights ago...

So in the end, a lot of progress has been made in a very short time, the actors have calmed down their talkative spirits enough to actually get some work done, people are now done pulling their hair out, and I think the sets are even (almost) done. We open tonight, for better or worse, and we'll see what happens...

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