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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Busy Time

Well yet another month has passed in 2010. Can you believe it? We're already a third through the year. Amazing.

Well I just keep getting older, having turned 35 last Wednesday. It was the first time I actually spent my birthday in Disneyland. And of course I got the complimentary Happy Birthday button to wear around the park, so complete strangers could congratulate me on successfully aging.

It's been spring break here, and for once it actually coincides with Easter as well. I must say it's been a relaxing yet rather productive week off. Though I'm still not looking forward to going back to work next week. I actually managed not to step foot anywhere near Sac State at all this week, which for me is quite an accomplishment.

But Monday we all start back, after having furloughed through our break. It's going to be a really busy month. I actually counted concerts and discovered that in one 13-day period we have 23 concerts scheduled. Yikes!

Just thinking about that makes me wish I had another spring break.

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