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Friday, January 17, 2020

Day at Sea

Well it's Thursday morning just after 10am as I sit in a cushy lounge chair at the aft "Serenity" section of the Carnival Inspiration. It will be Friday morning before this posts, as frankly I just don't want to pay for internet service. Which means, by the time this posts, I'll be getting ready to disembark and head for home.

It's been a great little getaway, a Monday-Friday cruise that one of the comedians on board refers to as a Section 8 Cruise. Yes, it's a cheap quick trip on an older ship to one of the least interesting Mexican ports (albeit one that has been working slowly but steadily to improve its image). I was offered $40 massages with happy endings multiple times in Ensenada yesterday, and one shopkeep even promised that he has great girls and no "crusty women". Keeping it classy, Ensenada.

But it's been a relaxing time at sea with mild temperatures and sunny skies spattered with white fluffy clouds. Lots of booze, lots of food, and lots of DJ-run pop and hip hop music. And also a rather entertaining piano bar. Also, I played just a wee bit of slots in the casino, and came out $4 ahead. So, that's a win.

This morning I had eggs Benedict at the Sea Day Brunch, then spent some time walking around the ship up on the open decks. And now, I'm just staring blankly at the vast ocean behind us as we slowly churn our way back to Long Beach. Sometimes doing nothing is just what the doctor ordered.

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